Self Drilling Tek Screws

Tek Screws, also known as Roofing Screws, Self-Drilling Screws, Cladding Screws or Self-Drilling Tek Screws are a hexagonal headed screw used to fix metal profiles to zed purlins, light and heavy-duty steel and wood. They are widely used in the metal cladding industry but are also popular in mechanical engineering. They are effective and quick to install as you do not need to drill a pilot hole in either the material you are attaching or the material you are attaching to, simply install with a power drill using a Tek adapter and the screw will cut its own hole and self-drill into the material. The bonded washer creates a water-tight seal.

We have an extensive range of Tek Screws at Fastco including Stitchers, Timber Tek Screws, Fibre Cement Tek Screws, Composite Panel Tek Screws, Light and Heavy Section Tek Screws and a range of Tek Adapters and push on Colour Caps. Our stock includes a wide choice of lengths from 16mm long to 235mm long. Shop Self-Drilling Tek screws at Fastco today.

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